Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ten things...

In her TED talk, spoken word poet, Sarah Kay, talks about the writing workshops she leads, and mentions this exercise:

Write a list of 10 things you know to be true.

Write a list of 10 things you should have learned by now.

Below, you can find my lists.  You can post yours in the comments, or post the link to your own blogpost there.  What are 10 things you know to be true?  What are 10 things you should have learned by now?


Ten Things I Know to be True

1.) Lists are important. They make life more manageable. This list may or may not be important. Your list may or may not be important.  But our collective lists of truths could likely change the world.
2.) Everyone has two stories: the story the tell and the story they live.  There is no way these two stories can become one, but our closest connections with others should be an attempt to try.
3.) Having a pet can change--and even save--a person's life. 
 4.) The more education I have, the less I know. 
5.) I should never have been scared to express my knowledge and my passion. 
6.) I have always and will always care to the very core of my being.  I am, in Eve Ensler's words, "an emotional creature."
7.) Asking for help and acknowledging that I am not Superwoman is like pushing a wheelbarrow of bricks up Mt. Everest, backwards, while wearing stilettos.  In other words, it's really fucking hard.
8.) I will finish graduate school and will be officially a doctor.  There were times when I definitely did not think this would be true.  I don't care that I will be a doctor, I care that I finished when I didn't think I could.  I care that I will have a job where I can know that, even if I never manage it, I will be in a position that I can try every day to change someone's life.
9.) The hardest things in life are not related to school, or work, or not being able to live your dream, or attempting to achieve your goals.  The hardest things in life are the things that blindside you on a sunny, Thursday afternoon.  The phone call you get on a Tuesday morning.  The fun night out one Friday with friends.
10.) One day, I will remember that I am worthy of love, without reminders.
Ten Things I Should Have Learned By Now
1.) If there is frost/snow/ice on my car, I need to get out the door earlier than I usually do.  The car does not magically defrost itself.
2.) Some people are never going to make you feel good about yourself.  It's okay to limit your interactions with them to whatever extent makes you feel comfortable.  Boundaries are our friends.
3.) I don't need to have the answers to everything.  There is beauty in the silence, connection in the confusion, and power in the shared struggle to find our own answers.  This silence, confusion, and shared struggle is likely called "life."
4.) Perfectionism is too much work.
5.) Like it or not, I inherited my mother's (and grandmother's, and grandfather's, and great-grandfather's...) need desire for control.  I can, however, channel that desire in the way that fits me best.
6.) Loving and living intensely is not a character flaw.  Empathy is not a weakness.
7.) There is such a thing as righteous anger.  Anger can be passionate, righteous, fulfilling, driving, or unhealthy.  It is important to know it, not be afraid of it, and use it accordingly.
8.) Dishes never wash themselves.
9.) My words are powerful.
10.) My voice can be, and should be respected.  I can choose to use it in nearly every situation, as long as I am speaking my truth.


  1. :-) This is so beautiful, and wonderfully awesome, I am speechless!!! :-)

  2. Thanks Sarah! You should write your own list. I am certain it would be amazing. <3