Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Ways Through It

The Ways Through It

These are the ways through it:

Imagine your body a tower.
Your blood is mortar, your bones turn brick,
you render yourself
A fortress of your own creation,
the mote around your feet grows to ocean.
You push the tide outwards with your hands,
you, the sorceress, the magician, the controller of your universe,
you watch it retreat when it touches the shore 
and bring it back to you. 

Not this.
Your body
is not a tower
has never been armor
has never known how to still
to protect this beating heart
has only ever known
to care for her quietly, and these
are the ways through it:

Imagine yourself a shadow.
A trick of light.
A terrestrial ghost for non-believers
neither seen nor touched- 
people think they saw you once. 
A two-dimensional emptiness that takes up
no space,
you spread yourself thin,
take up only the places that are
walked over, you
know all the motions of a person
living a life.

Stop here.
You earthly body of cells and breath,
you mortal energy of skin and blood
you make this being human
an art of love, of beauty,
you three-dimensional being of real,
how you breathe your heart,
your beating heart,
it is living, you are living,
and these are the ways through it:

Find yourself unwrapped-
there are so many hearts left surprised by you.
Let them be amazed by your open
do not deny this world, there is such
creation within you
you blessed, holy being of love,
this is the only way through it:
the breaking, surviving
the moving, surviving
the healing, surviving
unraveling, surviving
the hoping, and ripping, and cutting
it is here, it is waiting, it is real, and
this is the way through it:

Imagine yourself growing.
Your branches, your stem, your leaves and petals
may be torn and scattered
till all evidence of you is ruined.
There are so many ways out of this life, but this.
This is the way through it:

Imagine your roots.
Your safe roots.
They are deep.
They are reaching,
embracing, grounding, holding,
and this 
is the way through it:

Imagine your roots.
Your roots will never leave
this sacred ground.

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