Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marshall, the Love Sentinel

Ever attuned to my body 
when my thoughts turn harsh he 
nuzzles his head under my arm to create a space
crawls into my lap without invitation
rests his head against my chest and
stares brown soul eyes into my face,

When my breathing eases,
he sighs, satisfied with his work.
Belly rubs are small repayment,
and scratches behind the ears.
We breathe together till his eyes close.
This, he seems to say, is what the world must need.

I invite him next to me so I can resume my work.
He snuggles tight against my legs,
lays his head atop my knee, as if to keep watch
with one eye open:
a fuzzy love sentinel,
ever vigilant to remind me
in the moments I forget to love myself.

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