Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 25: Instructions to the Artist (after Billy Collins)

Billy Collins wrote a very fun poem titled "Instructions to the Artist" (follow the link to read it). are my instructions to the artist rendering my portrait.  I wish him/her good luck.

Also, if you're looking for a writing prompt, I recommend this one.  

Instructions to the artist

I wish my eyes to be bigger than my own.
Not wide like saucers
or circular like surprised cartoons
but shaped like mine, only larger,
to show the way I soak in the world. 
They should be green, like mine, for it is supposedly unique and rare
and I would hate to lose that quality in a portrait.
They should be kind, and deep,
literal windows to my soul -
which can doubly serve as a nod to Shakespeare,
to subtly indicate my love writing.

You should spend the most time here:
it's the only part of my body I like consistently -
but leave out the glasses
I would like to be remembered as having
falsely good vision.

That said, do not forget the rest of the face:
I am not a Cheshire cat.
The head should be roundish,
but not so much as to remind one of a balloon. 

I should like my face to be painted in bold colors:
my mother once had family pictures done in which
my body was cut out 
and my head transposed like that of a ghost.
Since then, I desire only to look grounded,
firmly on the Earth,
so paint me boldly
to let everyone know I 
truly lived. 

I should like to be dancing
in red high heels,
and almost certainly a dress -- but make it plain, 
and make the background rural.
Perhaps place me outside, with an exotic landscape,
as I would like to be remembered in some other country
for the future work I will do there.

You must also include:
a dog - a scruffy white one,
a pen
a tree
a child
and a book -- a thick one.

Finally, I should like to be riding a tiger
side-saddle - like Durga -
and I would like multiple sets of arms.
I would not mind if I were carrying a sword
to demonstrate my bravery, and 
my heart should be literally on my sleeve -
larger than anyone would think necessary
because anyone who knows me 
knows this is true.

I would like to be eating a handful of blueberries.

There is no reason for this
aside from the fact that they
are delicious.

Durga - in case you have no idea
what I'm talking about

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