Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 11: I wish for you

It's poem #11 in 11 days, and I had no idea what to write tonight.  As such, I asked my friends on Facebook to help me out.

"I need 8 words.  One word per person.  First 8 words will be put in a poem.  Be creative yet kind," I suggested.

The thread has since been derailed with suggestions of waffles, rutabagas, pterodactyls and something about shimmering vaginas...but that poem is for another day (or something.  I make no promises.  Waffles and shimmering vaginas may be beyond my literary capabilities).  

The first 8 words suggested were:

I wish for you...

I wish for you the beautiful mundane:
steaming cups of herbal tea
unexpected summer showers
and fireflies.

I wish for you grace
like a cold dog nose -
annoying in its ordinary,
surprising in its arrival,
like breathing -
it is gracious compassion,
and radical, if the lighting is right,
your heart
is a cosmos of shimmer
undeniable amazement
I wish you the truth
of the depth of your beautiful
you who can never know
the refreshing of your presence, you
who are more infinite than stardust
I wish for you vast
and exquisite solitude
to empty your sky-ocean heart,
you holy creation with dirty-soled feet
your soul shimmers in your eyes
that can never see you clearly,
so bless your holy blink
and your holy stumble,
bless your holy why
and your heavenly how
so when your heart thunders
from what this world will do to your soul,
may you only ever know
the holy power
in your rain. 

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  1. Lovely! And for once, I wasn't the one who brought up vaginas.