Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 18: Things that don't suck

I can't do it tonight, guys.  I just can't.  So I'm totally cheating.

This idea is one I borrowed from poet Andrea Gibson -- I believe she has a poem titled "Things that don't suck."  I periodically post a list of "things that don't suck" on Facebook.  Earlier this week, a whole list of friends jumped in on the game.

Here is our list of things that don't suck, turned into a poem.  It's the most I could poem tonight.

Things that don't suck: A crowdsourced poem

Sunshine. Blue skies. Cool breezes in front of thunderstorms.  Puppy kisses.  Naps.  Tiny scratchy kitten tongues.  The fact that most people are good.

Blueberries.  Ice cream.  Granola bars.  Bananas that are juuuuuuuuuust right.  Friends who invite you to stay for dinner.  Sour cherries.  Salt and vinegar chips.  Water when you are really thirsty.  Perfectly ripe peaches.  Milky Way Midnight bars.  Avocado cobb salad.  Snowballs.  Special edition thin mint crunch bars.  Papaya.  Homemade cheese steaks for dinner.

Air conditioning.  Birdsongs and a good breeze.  Good things pulled from nowhere when you're scraping bottom.

Professional packers.  Freecycle.  Soft t-shirts on harsh days.  Birthdays.  Blue pens and brightly colored index cards.  Car tires without puncture wounds. The little plastic sheaths at the end of shoelaces that keep them from unraveling.  Amazon music playlists.  Kittens.  The fact that the little plastic sheaths on shoelaces are called aglets.  Naps, again.  Celebrating the little things.

loving in spite of mistakes
not vomiting
waking you
talking about turtles
having boogers on their hands.

Friends who make you think.  True friends.  New friends feeling comfortable enough to drop the f-bomb.   Coffee dates with old friends.  Texts.  Dogs.  Wagging tails.  Community.    

Pictures of baby otters.  The fact that otters save mollusk cracking rocks in a flap of skin.  Hiking.  Baby chuckles.  The Buddha.  Random good "crazy but true" news stories.  Knitting waiting for you at home.

Beautiful things.  Cheap things.  Free things.  Blooming flowers.  The sounds of a creek when it hits the rocks.  Hugs.  Purring cats.  Clean water on demand.  The way people keep trying despite difficult circumstances.  Rain on the roof when you're warm and dry.  Sunshine, again.  And naps.

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