Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 6...

I am posting tonight ONLY because I made a commitment to post something every day, and because I am determined, come hell or high water, to make that happen.  However, I am currently only partially recovered from a migraine (meaning, I can mostly sit up without vomiting, but don't yet have the lights on and am squinting at the computer screen with my right eye closed).  TMI?  Sorry.  I'm convinced migraines are the level of Hell that Dante forgot.  Which makes me wonder if I jinxed myself with that saying.  The "come hell or high water" one.  If this is hell, I really don't want to see what the high water scenario looks like. 

In spite of the migraine, today was a good day.  It was a busy day in which I didn't do most of the things I should have done...but I did go to yoga today, and that's good.  When I can actually form thoughts and sentences without threatening to rupture my hippocampus or hypothalamus, I'm going to write about yoga.  But not tonight.

Instead, tonight I'll share someone else's gem.  Have you ever done Bikram yoga ("hot yoga")?  This practice is the embodiment of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  I'm serious.  Because if you survive the class (key word being "if"), you're a different person.  Literally.  All of the water has been drained out of your body and you get to start fresh.   You pull muscles that previously had not existed.  You move organs into spaces that were not previously empty.  I've been going on and off for several months, and I still don't understand why I like it. 

But I'm not going to write about it tonight.  I'll post this link, like a teaser, and let this guy explain it better than I can right now.  I'm going to get more ice, take more drugs, and lay back down in the dark to pray that my amygdale don't explode and my corpus callosum stays intact.  Because I had to study exactly what will happen to a person with no amygdale and without a corpus callosum...and frankly, neither option is too appealing.


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