Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday's post

I honest to goodness had every intention of writing a post last night.  I even knew what I was going to write about.  But, as I THINK I've mentioned, Tuesdays are awful.  And yesterday was doubly awful, because I had to do it all with a migraine.  I came home, took some Excedrin, decided to write, laid down on my bed to wait for the Excedin to kick in....and woke up at 2AM, lights still on, contacts still in, head still hurting, blog post -- unfortunately -- still unwritten.  I took some more Excedrin and called it a night.

So here is Tuesday's post, a day late. 

Just as an FYI...if I had one of those magic pen things like Rita Skeeter had in Harry Potter, I could write 3 posts a day (one while driving to work, one while driving home from work, one while in the shower/washing dishes).  I try to get Siri to take down my general ideas sometimes while I'm driving, but that never works out so well.  Maybe it's just me, but Siri and I are not friends.  Best example: I am currently studying for (and almost finished with!) the EPPP (the national licensure test in psychology, known to those familiar with it as the "E Triple P").  I made a reminder one day on my phone to send my friend, Stacy, some EPPP materials.  I figured Siri would translate my reminder to "E Triple P," which is awkward, but fine.

Wrong.  I had a reminder that said "Email Stacy Etrip Okie."

I promptly sent Stacy an email with this picture:
This, my friends, is EPPP, personified.  Or...anim-onified (is it personification if it's an animal?).  Luckily, Stacy gets my sense of humor, and has also benefitted from personifying this dreadful test.  I like to think Eatrip Okie is scared of us.  And how badly we're going to beat his butt. 
He looks scared of us, right?  Look at those bulgy eyes!  And his hair/fur sticking out all over his body!  And his ears all wigging out on the side of his head!  He's petrified!  Eatrip Okie is trembling whenever we draw near.
.....or maybe waiting to kill me in my sleep?
If I die a sudden, painful death of unexplained causes, you can be pretty sure it was this guy.  Eatrip Okie.  GUILTY!

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