Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Tuesday (again). Don't do drugs.

Oh Tuesday.  I totally screwed up Tuesday this week.  I should have called out sick, because I woke up with a migraine at 4AM.  I took some meds, went back to sleep, woke up at 6:30 feeling slightly better and drove to work.  This was a mistake.  Whenever I go to work with a migraine, my clients seem to hold a contest as to who can scream the loudest.  Today, they all won. 

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Tuesdays?

I also made the mistake (which I have made before) of drinking soda (which I do very rarely) to try to help with getting rid of my migraine.  It helps to settle my stomach, and sometimes the caffeine does wonders for my head.  This was not the case today.  Once I realized that I had to get through 3 more hours of screaming, I decided to take (more) Excedrin Migraine.  The soda by itself is not a problem.  The Excedrin by itself is also not a problem.  The last time I mixed the two together, my sister asked me if I was on speed.  My mind feels like it's running in fast forward, and I'm not holding the remote. 


If I tried to write a legit post right now, I'm not sure how that would work out because I need to send an email to Cathy and Brian but I'm not sure if I did the best intervention today in session because maybe I reinforced too soon and should have used a time out but I need to buy mom a birthday present and don't know what to get but should buy K and D a present for going away but am not sure when to give it to them and I need to take the dog out but I forgot to have my supervisor sign the reimbursement form today and maybe I can scan it to her, I should write that down, but I wonder if that client's meds are off and that is why he was screaming, you should have asked about med changes -- why didn't you think of that?  Maybe I should read to try to focus -- where's your book?  I should check my email to see if that selective mutism textbook shipped yet, because I need to ask Linda to keep an eye out for it and I need to ask Sherie about those weird pages tomorrow.  I should write that down and I need to take the dog out and I wonder if your heart can explode from beating too fast, but if I could just focus on one thought I bet I could write something coherent, and I bet I won't sleep tonight, but I'm not going to worry about it, because whatever happens is what happens, and...

This is how my brain is working right now.  This is your brain on drugs, kids.  Don't do drugs. 

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